Meet Candyce

Candyce RobertsCandyce Roberts resides in Campbellsville, Kentucky with her husband Ray. Ray is a chiropractor and viticulturist. Candyce is in full time inner healing ministry, a teacher, and an author. Candyce and Ray enjoy living life with their three daughters, son-in-laws and thirteen grandchildren.

Candyce has spent the past twenty years ministering to people by leading them into the presence of the Lord to experience healing and wholeness. Unresolved pain and suffering leave many people unable to live life in a healthy manner in their relationship with Jesus or other people. This often results in people disconnecting from community and living in isolation.

Candyce stresses the importance of community in the transformation process and in developing a sustainable spiritual life with God. Candyce teaches the significance of turning to God for truth and how this practice is best applied to daily life when shared with those in a community of faith. Her personal ministry and her teaching both focus on helping people uncover and live from their true identity as designed by God.

In addition to full time Inner Healing Prayer Ministry Candyce is the author of Help For The Fractured Soul and Sharing a Table, Knowing The Love of God in Community (release date of May 2016). Candyce is also a conference speaker and is co-founder of Emerge School of Transformation. Candyce has a doctorate in Systematic Theology, is a closet artist, enjoys reading and spending time with her grandchildren and has not mastered the art of a consistent exercise program.