Why I wrote Sharing A Table, Knowing the Love of God in Community...

Sharing A Table  

"As an inner healer I am committed to the ministry of the gospel and the process of transformation as well as its application to daily life. I believe that we cannot experience the fullness of God, or develop a mature spiritual life apart from a relationship with God and other Christian people. I also believe that the answer for a sustainable life of faith is found by engaging in a healthy spiritual community." - Candyce Roberts

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why I wrote SHARING A TABLE   a school of transformation   creating a spiritually healthy culture

Sharing A Table

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When a person is subjected to severe, long-term, intentional abuse, the damage is devastating and forges barriers in the person’s heart and mind. As a result, abuse survivors are often unable to function in a healthy manner in their relationship with Jesus or other people. This often leads them away from community and into a life of isolation. Their scars of abuse create barriers against pastors, counselors, and prayer ministers who desire to help them.

I have devoted the past fifteen years to working with highly traumatized people. My experience has provided me with some effective, real-life strategies and tools that I hope will encourage those who desire to help abuse survivors receive freedom and healing and move into a life infused with the Father’s truth and love. Help For The Fractured Soul addresses the urgent topic of developing a sustainable spiritual life with God that transforms brokenness into wholeness.
Candyce Roberts

Emerge is a new School of Transformation that connects inner healing with your daily life. Inner healing is the process of becoming who God created each of us to be. It is the transformation that happens as our minds and hearts are renewed by God’s love and truth. This experiential two-day pilot integrates foundational teaching on restoring identity with the connection between the body and inner healing, and practical skills for inner healing.

Sustainable Faith is a collective of pastors and spiritual directors working to create a spiritually healthy culture among leaders and their communities.

For almost a decade we have been working toward a culture of sustainability in the vocational work of pastors and leaders. We host retreats, nurture conversations, educate leaders, train spiritual directors, and help faith communities pursue an active life from a deep place.